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Jeffrey Promnitz

Jeffrey Promnitz is the Chief Executive Officer of Zeffert & Associates Inc., a privately held nationwide leader of affordable housing compliance services. As one of the longest running expert organizations in the field, Zeffert establishes multiyear and on-the-spot partnerships with the full spectrum of industry stakeholders such as property management firms, owners, syndicators, developers, HFAs, and PHAs. The four departments – Compliance, Inspections, Training and Utility Allowances – provide turnkey operations for clients that focus on: file reviews, eLearning, live training, utility allowance reports, and physical inspections. Zeffert is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of ten housing authorities.

Jeffrey stands firmly for the growth and protection of multifamily investors because they power the affordable housing of more than just families, but entire communities. He also believes in the advocacy efforts that industry trade groups make, which are critical to expanding the accessibility of homes for everyone. As CEO, Zeffert has produced its largest volumes of compliance services in its history. For more than two decades and headquartered in St. Louis, Zeffert’s services reach every state and territory within the jurisdiction of the IRS, HUD, and USDA.

Jeffrey is a regular speaker at conferences and he serves on various advisory committees and boards. He is very proud to serve on faculty at the University of Missouri – St. Louis in the College of Business Administration, whom he regards as one of the most innovative and forward-focused in academia. He holds professional designations in affordable housing, earned a master’s degree in business, and a bachelor’s degree in medical microbiology.

At Zeffert & Associates:
The VISION is to see a nation where serving those in need of affordable housing is easier than yesterday, less restrictive today, more certain tomorrow, and possible every single day.

The MISSION is to support the property managers, owners, syndicators, and agencies with quality education and consulting services and to do it better than anyone else through our speed in acquiring and delivering knowledge.
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  • Douglas S. Faust, Chairman  Decatur Housing Authority
  • George Edge  Housing Authority of the City of Americus
  • Jake Oglesby Housing Authority of the City of Augusta
  • Jane Smith Athens Housing Authority
  • Ken Sadeckas Atlanta Housing Authority
  • Len Williams  Housing Authority of Columbus
  • Mark Wright  Housing Authority of the City of Marietta
  • Melanie C. Thompson  Hinesville Housing Authority
  • Mike Austin  Housing Authority of Macon-Bibb County
  • William Baker  Housing Authority of the City of Brunswick

Meet the Founder

Robert H. Zeffert

Bob was the managing partner of Zeffert & Associates from the time he founded the company in 1994 until his retirement and sale of the company in 2014.

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