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May 2019 Quizzle Answers

Question One

Albert Smith is in the military and receives $3000 a month. In reviewing the LES statement, it is determined that his monthly salary includes $500.00 in hostile fire pay and a housing allowance of $500.00. The annual income is:

  1. $36,000
  2. $24,000
  3. $12,000
  4. $30,000

Answer: D. Annual income includes all regular pay, special pay and allowances except the special pay to a family member serving in the Armed Forces who is exposed to hostile fire. Exhibit 5-1

Question Two

When determining the annual income of a household currently residing at Living Oak Apartments, the manager includes $50.00 in groceries delivered weekly from Grandma Josephine, and an additional $200 that is deposited monthly into their bank account. The correct annual income is:

A.  $3000.00
B.  $2400.00
C.  $5000.00
D.  $600.00

Answer: $2400.00. The weekly amount of groceries is exempt and as stated in Exhibit 5-1 of the 4350.3 HUD Handbook. The cash deposit into the bank account is a verifiable cash contribution and must be included as income to the household.

Question Three

Dawn is disabled and lives with her 20 year old daughter Jenny, who is a full-time student attending the local college.  Dawn receives $530 monthly SSI payments and Jenny earns $480 a month working at the local deli. What is the annual income for this household?

  1. $12,120
  2. $480
  3. $6,360
  4. $6,840

Answer: D. When calculating annual income, you only count $480 annually for full-time students living at home as dependents.

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