Training FAQ

Q - Can I attend a training session as a walk-in?
A - Enrollment at each workshop is limited to an event-specific number of participants. Walk-in registrants will be accepted on a space and training material-available basis only. Because our premium materials are expensive to produce, are often customized to a location and the programs change often, we do not bring a large amount of extra training material to a course. Calling ahead of time, even if it is the day before the training, may get you a place that you may not have if you decide to walk-in.

Q - How will confirmation be handled?
A - You will receive written confirmation of your registration via e-mail or fax. If you do not receive confirmation, or if we received your registration less than one week prior to the session, please contact our Training Coordinator (see below for contact information).

Q - What if I need to cancel or change my registration?
A - Registration fees are refundable based on the following schedule:

If cancellation is received: Refund: Note:
If notice of cancellation is received at least 2 months prior to the session : Full  

If notice of cancellation is received at least 45 days prior to session

Full, less a $50 administration fee  

If notice of cancellation is received less than 1 month before session.  

No refund  

Substitute personnel or credits toward future PUBLIC Zeffert & Associates trainings are allowed for up to 1 year.

Private Groups who sponsor training and handle their own registration may not accept credit for trainings for which Zeffert & Associates originally received payment.

To change or cancel a registration, email or call our Training Coordinator (see contact information below).

Q – What happens if a session is canceled?
A - In rare instances, workshops may be canceled or rescheduled. Although a full refund of the registration fee will be made in such cases, Zeffert & Associates is not responsible for other costs incurred, such as nonrefundable airline tickets.

Hotel Information

Q - Where should I stay?
A - For attendees' convenience, we sometimes make arrangements for special lodging rates when sessions are held at a hotel. Hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee. We are not endorsing the hotel. Participants should make arrangements directly with the appropriate hotel.

Special Accommodations

Q - I have a special need. Will you meet it?
A - Please indicate on the registration form if any special accommodations or disability-related assistance is required. You may also contact our Training Coordinator per the contact information below. We request that special requests be made as far in advance of the training as possible. This helps ensure that we can best meet the need. 

Examination Results and Certification

Q - What exams do you offer with your courses?
A -  For our HUD, HOME Funds and RD courses, we offer our proprietary Housing Compliance Manager Exams (HCM-H for HUD, HCM-HF for HOME and HCM-R for RD). These exams are available online. These exams were developed by our own content experts. For our tax credit courses, we offer the Housing Credit Certified Professional exam (HCCP). This is a nationally recognized exam sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders Builders (NAHB). All of the designations result in certification plaques and designations.

Q - When will I get my exam results?
A1 - Examination results for the Housing Compliance Manager exams (HCM-H, HCM-HF and HCM-R) will not be sent prior to our receipt of payment. If you have not heard from us with your exam results within two weeks of the course, contact our Training Coordinator (see contact information below).

A2 - The HCCP is administered by Zeffert & Associates, but grading and notification is handled by the National Association of Home Builders. If you have not received your results in 5 weeks from taking the exam, contact the NAHB Designation Help Line at (800) 368-5242 x8154 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  The NAHB staff can assist you with your inquiries.

Full Course Catalog

Q - Do you have a course catalog?
A - Yes! Please click HERE for the most current online and printable version.

Q - Are the courses offered publicaly on your website the only course you have?
A - No! We have many courses available that are not offered publicly at any given time. These are listed on the course catalog (link above).

Training Coordinator:
Susan Barnett
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

314-336-4853 (direct)
866-760-6000 (toll free)
314-336-4841 fax

Training Sessions

Training Sessions


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