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The Inspection Services Department has performed thousands of energy audits, accessibility surveys and CNAs since its inception. By focusing on quality service at an affordable cost, Zeffert & Associates is able to retain a loyal client base that is delighted with their service. Our experience and expertise ensure clients will receive quality reports that will help sustain their properties for the long term.

Our pricing is more than competitive and we are committed to the preservation and expansion of affordable housing in the United States.

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Our inspectors are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in all applicable laws and regulations. What can we do to help you meet the guidelines?

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      • Plan Reviews - New Construction or Rehabs You send us the architectural and engineering drawing, and we review the handicap accessibility compliance for all aspects of the construction. We report to you and the architect (usually by e-mail) within one week any non-compliance findings or issues. After we receive an acceptable response, we send a final approval.
    • Existing Property Inspections We inspect existing properties, develop a list of modifications needed to meet applicable guidelines and provide estimates of the cost of modifications.
        • Construction Monitoring (New Construction and Rehabilitations) It is cost effective to inspect the project during and immediately upon completion of construction. Construction is not always executed in accordance with the plans. Catching mistakes early can save significant amounts of money.

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Zeffert & Associates offers a package to include a plan review and 3-7 site inspections (depending upon how large your property is) to guarantee all guidelines are met and subcontractors execute according to plans and specificiations. Learn more about our Accessibility Program!



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