Utility Consumption Baselines


Producing quality data collection and analysis reports using industry-recognized standards and methodologies, we take pride in producing baseline reports that are well-regarded in the industry.


Zeffert maintains an exemplary record of performance with HUD. We enjoy a long list of exceptionally satisfied clients by producing all reports to the highest quality standards. Zeffert & Associates also  maintains flexibility. Our reporting can be customized or adapted to reflect evolving client or industry needs and we work diligently with clients to develop timely and effective reporting solutions, while satisfying all requirements and timelines. We understand the urgency of combating increasing carbon pollution. Zeffert is committing time and effort to analyze energy consumption and increase efficiency, thus providing an overview of facility energy use while identifying opportunities for energy use reduction.

Utilizing the numerous resources available to Zeffert & Associates, Energy Benchmarking Analysis Reports will contain at a minimum:

  • Ownership and management agent contact information, property name, location, and profile
  • Utility vendors and sources, residential and non-residential utility use: heating, hot water heating, lighting, air conditioning, etc.
  • Energy consumption sources: central steam boilers, forced air furnaces, heat pumps, electric baseboard heaters, lighting devices, etc.
  • Identify parties responsible for payment of each meter on site
  • Note any observed anomalies regarding rate structure, metering, on-site generation via solar panels, etc.
  • Estimation on commercial and non-residential energy consumption versus residential use, when applicable
  • Monthly utility consumption for each meter at the property
  • Overall summary of annual utility consumption for each utility type across the entire property and for each meter at the property
  • Adjustments of actual consumption to a pro-forma 100% occupancy as well as produce weather-normalized summary consumption

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