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September 2019 Quizzle Answers


Question One

Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act, also commonly referred to as the Fair Housing Act, was signed into law in what year?

A.  1988
B.  1974
C.  1968
D.  1866

Answer: C. 1968


Question Two

Which of the categories listed below are among those most frequently encountered in reviews of annual and adjusted income determinations in tenant files?

A.  Applicants and tenants failing to fully disclose income information
B.  Errors in identifying required income exclusions
C.  Incorrect calculations of deductions, often the result of failure to obtain third-party verification
D.  All of the above

AnswerD. Owners must determine the amount of a family’s income before the family is allowed to move into assisted housing and at least annually thereafter. The amount of assistance paid on behalf of the family is calculated using the family’s annual income less allowable deductions. HUD program regulations specify the types and amounts of income and deductions to be included in the calculation of annual and adjusted income.  Careful interviewing and thorough verification can minimize the occurrence of these errors. 4350.3   5-1 A, B, C & D / 5-1


Question Three

True or False.  When applying for occupancy at an affordable housing community with Section 8, HOME Funds or Rural Development, all persons with disabilities are exempt from the student rule and eligible to move in.

Answer:  False – The only exception when determining eligibility of students that are attending institutes of higher learning, applies to individuals who were disabled and disabled and receiving assistance while residing in a community with Section 8 as of 11/30/2005. This exception to the student rule does not apply to section 42, LIHTC/Bond communities.

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