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November 2019 Quizzle

Question One

George applied for assistance at a project-based Section 8 property and was notified by the O/A that the application was denied due to poor rental history, as he was previously evicted two times. George informed the O/A that the evictions were a result of criminal activity engaged in by an abusive partner that is no longer a household member and provided documentation to support the claim. How should the O/A proceed?

A.  O/As may consider documentation of adverse factors resulting from being a victim that otherwise deems the individual ineligible

B.  O/A may ask for clarification or additional information

C.  O/A must make an objectively reasonable determination of whether the adverse factor is a direct result of the applicant or tenant being or having been a victim

D.  All of the above.

Answer: D. The O/A must not deny admission based on an adverse factor if the adverse factor is a direct result of the fact that an applicant is/has been a victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.


Question Two

True or False.  In reviewing a copy of a child support agreement, it is noted that the household has been granted a court order establishing monthly child support payments in the amount of $400.00. The household certifies that the child support is not being paid, and it is verified that no efforts have been made to collect the established amount. The annual income for this household would not include the $4800 in child support.

Answer: False. Because the household has a court order establishing the child support and is not making any efforts to collect, the court ordered monthly amount must be included in the annual income for the household.


Question Three

Gabby, who has applied to live at your community, discloses that she is the Grantor of an irrevocable trust that includes a rental house. The market value of the home is $150,000 and the loan is paid in full. Anticipated cost to sell is 10% of the sales price. Currently, Gabby was receiving monthly rent payments of $750, which the beneficiary, her daughter, will continue to receive.  The annual expenses are $2000. The anticipated annual income for Gabby is:

A.  $9000

B.  $7000

C.  $81

D.  $0

Answer: C. $81


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