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August 6, 2020 Quizzle

Question One

Ken applies for a unit at your LIHTC community. He has an annuity which he has access to. The current balance is $183,000 and earns 4% interest annually. Ken receives $500 quarterly payments from the annuity. What amount should be included as income to the household?

A.  $2,000
B.  $9,320
C.  $7,320
D.  $183,000

Answer: A. $2,000


Question Two

Kyle is unemployed and receiving $362 per week. The verification from the unemployment agency states that Kyle has 8 weeks of benefits remaining and is not entitled to any extensions. Kyle has not secured another job at the time of the certification. How much income should be included from the unemployment benefits for Kyle?

A.  $2,896
B.  $21,720
C.  $0 because it is ending
D.  $18,824

Answer: D. $18,824


Question Three

Which of the following laws requires an owner to make and pay for reasonable modifications in most circumstances?

A.  Fair Housing Act
B. Americans with Disabilities Act
C. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
D. None of These

Answer: C. Section 504

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