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December 2020 - Quizzle

Question One

Mary moves into a unit effective 6/1/2019 and her gross monthly Social Security benefit is verified to be $545.35. Medicare takes out $93.50 per month. What would the annual income from her Social Security be?

A. $6,544.20
B. $5,422.20
C. $6,724.20
D. $7,532.20

Answer: A. $6,544.20


Question Two

Bob will be moving into a unit on November 1st. His gross Social Security was verified in September to be $545.35 a month and the Medicare deduction is $93.50. In October, the manager becomes aware of a COLA increase that will take effect starting with January’s check. This will increase the monthly amount to $563.35. What annual income will be anticipated from Bob’s Social Security?

A. $5,638.20
B. $6,724.20
C. $6,760.20
D. $5,544.20

Answer: B. $6,724.20


Question Three

Kari lives in a unit and has a court order to receive $425 per month for alimony but her ex-husband does not pay and no effort has been made to collect. We do not need to count this toward annual income because she is not getting any money.

True or false?

Answer:  False

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