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Quizzle Answers - April 29, 2022

Question One
A tenant at Whispering Hollow apartments asks the property manager for permission to have an assistance animal. The tenant has a mobility disability and cannot hear very well. Whispering Hollow apartments has a no pet policy. The tenant’s request is:

A. A Reasonable Modification
B. Not Valid
C. A Reasonable Accommodation
D. Allowed under ADA

Answer: C. A reasonable accommodation
A reasonable accommodation is a change, exception or adjustment to a rule, policy, practice or service that may be necessary for a person with a disability to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling, including public and common use spaces.

Question Two
The manager at Open Air Townhomes (a LIHTC property) requires the tenant in unit 303 to pay his rent only in money order (no check). The manager requires this for only units who receives rental assistance through the PHA (voucher).  The tenant in unit 303 receives rental assistance through the PHA. The manager believes households who receive rental assistance cannot be trusted to pay with a check. This policy is an example of what prohibited act?

A. Discriminatory terms & conditions
B. Steering
C. Falsely denying availability
D. Redlining

Answer: A. Discriminatory terms & conditions
All rental terms, rent concessions and other charges and fees must be applied consistently to all. Deductions from security deposits must be applied consistently and based on clearly documented inspections.

Question Three
A pregnant woman is to Familial Status, as the Spanish language is to _____________.

A. Race
B. Disability
C. National Origin
D. Discrimination

Answer: C. National origin
Familial Status: Families with children under 18, regardless of age or number of children, pregnant women, persons in the process of securing legal custody of children under age 18.
National Origin: Refers to the place of one’s birth or the country where ones ancestors are from. Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

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