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November 2018 Quizzle

Question 1:
Under the federal Fair Housing Act, the seven protected classes include:

  1. Race, color, citizenship status, handicap, national origin, marital status, religion
  2. Race, creed, religion, gender identity, familial status, national origin
  3. Race, sexual orientation, familial status, handicap, age, national origin, source of income
  4. None of the above

AnswerThe answer is D, none of the above.  The seven federally protected classes are race, religion, nationality, color, sex, familial status, and disability.  However, your state or city may have more protected classes. 

Question 2:
True or False
It is ok to let your maintenance team complete service requests in any order they like. 

Answer False, you should have a policy that establishes how work orders are completed to avoid any appearance of discrimination or preferential treatment.  The Fair Housing Act says we must treat everyone equally.

Question 3:
In a 3 bedroom handicap unit (UFAS Guidelines) how many sleeping areas or bedrooms are required to be accessible and have an accessible route?

Answer:  UFAS only requires 2, but we recommend all sleeping areas or bedrooms to have an accessible route with 32” minimum clear width door. UFAS 4.34.5 c.

Question 4:
How many smoke detectors does HUD require in a 2 story, 4 bedroom home to be compliant with UPCS standards?

Answer:  HUD only requires 1 working smoke detector per floor, but most state and local authorities require more.  All installed smoke detectors must function as designed per UPCS Dictionary of Deficiencies.



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