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April 2019 Quizzle

Question One

When calculating tax credits, this is the portion of the building that went into building tax credit units.

a.  Applicable Fraction
b.  Eligible basis
c.  Qualified basis
d.  Applicable Credit Percentage

Answer:  (c) Qualified Basis

Question Two

Does a reasonable accommodation have to be submitting in writing?

Answer:  No. HUD & the Department of Justice says that although a reasonable accommodation request can be made orally or in writing, it is usually helpful for both the resident and the housing provider if the request is made in writing.

Question Three

Federal housing covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act requires who to pay for reasonable modifications?

a.  The tenant
b.  The landlord
c.  The state
d.  The owner

Answer:  (d) The owner.  When it comes to individuals with disabilities, reasonable modifications for most federal housing covered under Section 504 requires the owner to pay for modifications.


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