Inspection Services

504 Transition Plans, Accessibility Design Reviews, CNAs, and UPCS

The Inspection Services Department has performed thousands of inspections for nearly twenty-five years and is a multifamily leader of new technology and protocol, including NSPIRE, UPCS, and Capital Needs Assessments.  Unique in the industry, the department leverages regionalized Inspectors so the scheduling, dispatch, and reporting of inspections is the fastest for clients as is possible.

Accessibility Assessments For Existing Properties (Section 504)

Our inspectors are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in all applicable laws and regulations. What can we do to help you meet the guidelines? 

Accessibility Assessments

Existing Property Inspections

Properties under the oversight of USDA-RD are required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to regularly assess the accessibility compliance of the property and develop a plan to correct any deficiencies. This report is often referred to as a "504 Report" or "Transition Plan" We inspect your existing properties, develop a list of modifications needed to meet applicable guidelines (including UFAS, FHA, ADA, and relevant state and local codes) and provide estimates of the cost of modifications. 

Our accessibility experts provide an extra level of protection for your property, catching many accessibility items that are often overlooked by site staff, and helping you proactively develop a plan to avoid the significant consequences of a finding on noncompliance. These reports are also a valuable tool for due diligence when evaluating a property for a potential purchase or sale.




Capital Needs Assessments

When tax credits or other federal funding sources are utilized for acquisition and rehabilitation of an existing property, agencies, syndicators, and banks frequently require that an independent assessor perform a Capital Needs Assessment (CNA). In addition, HUD and Rural Development require CNAs under a variety of circumstances including transfers, rehabs, requests for rent increases, and to determine the appropriate amount of reserve fund contributions. 

Our reports provide owners and managers with a useful and user-friendly tool for either the development or management of the property, and meet the requirements of the organizations requiring them.

Utilizing either HUD's CNA eTool or Rural Development's methodology and format, Zeffert & Associates will work with all involved entities to assure that all requirements are met. 

Our expertise in Handicap Accessibility adds a dimension to our reports not generally available.

Accessibility Design Review Program for New Construction & Rehabilitations

Zeffert & Associates has a reputation for providing exceptional services for our clients in an incredibly cost effective way. Our firm continues to exceed expectations by ensuring compliance with UFAS, Fair Housing, ADA, and all local and state accessibility requirements. Let us fix costly accessibility code violations before they occur on your next multi-family development. 

The program includes: 

  • Review of architectural and engineering drawings, to ensure full compliance of all aspects of the construction, supplied to both the client and their architect.
  • Three to seven site inspections to guarantee all guidelines are met and subcontractors execute according to plans and specifications 
  • Thorough explanations of violations to site superintendent
  • Solutions to correct issues efficiently and cost effectively in order to meet all regulations

Easy-to-understand reports detailing all findings, typically delivered within a week of each inspection

Plan Reviews - New Construction or Rehabs 

You send us the architectural and civil drawings, and we review the handicap accessibility compliance for all aspects of the construction. We report to you and the architect via e-mail within two weeks any non-compliance findings or issues. After we receive an acceptable response, we send a final approval. We can also conduct an initial site visit for rehab projects prior to preparation of blueprints, to help guide your architect through the existing challenges at the site and get the prints right the first time.          

Construction Monitoring (New Construction and Rehabs) 

It is cost effective to inspect the project during and immediately upon completion of construction. Construction is not always executed in accordance with the plans. Catching mistakes early can save significant amounts of money.

Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS)

Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) are the standards developed by HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) for the purpose of assessing the physical condition of both public housing units and units insured by or assisted by HUD’s various programs.  These standards have also been adopted by the IRS for monitoring the physical condition of units in the LIHTC program.  The Inspection Services Department proactively serves clients by examining and then providing an unscored UPCS inspection for LIHTC state agencies as well as for property owners and management companies that would like a pre-REAC inspection to ensure their HUD or LIHTC properties receive the highest possible score. 


UPCS inspections are scheduled at least 30 days in advance and include building exterior, building systems, common area, and units.   Utilizing a proprietary application allows for report turnaround times averaging one day.  Any and all deficient areas noted on the report include pictures and full descriptions in accordance with the scored REAC requirements.

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