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The largest provider of Utility Allowance Calculations in the nation for a reason!

Zeffert & Associates‘ quality work and personal service to our clients has led the firm to become the largest provider of Utility Allowance Calculations in the country. With automated systems to make the process more efficient, we will prepare reports at a cheaper rate than management companies can often do themselves. Our reports meet the requirements of the organizations requiring them and our methodology will produce the most accurate utility allowance possible.


By maintaining the largest database of utility rates in the country, our clients can rest assured that we will produce reports accurately and efficiently. Clients simply provide the signed tenant releases and project worksheets (rent rolls for HUD or Tax Credit Projects) and we will take it from there.   


Utility Allowance Account GraphicAs our client, an account will be set up on our UA Client website (pictured right) to provide access to tenant release packets, status reports on your projects and enable you to download your completed UA reports. Instant access to previous years’ reports and the ability to schedule future calculations is all available at the click of a button.  

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Actual Usage Analysis                            

Calculating Utility Allowances using actual usage data provides the advantage of reality over theory. There are many factors with the design load method of calculating utility allowances cannot or does not take into account.                          

Use More Data                                            

Using data from multiple years will average out weather and tenant variation. Because we average across months rather than by apartment, we can utilize data from tenants who have not occupied the apartment for a full 12 months.

Average by Month

We average all January’s, February’s, etc for each unit size and apply the correct seasonal rates with fuel adjustment to that average. This allows for use of units which were not occupied for a full and continuous 12 months.

Calculate Fuel/Tax Adjustment

When applying rates to an average monthly usage, the published rates of the utility company must be adjusted for taxes and fuel adjustment to accurately reflect the cost to the tenant. We calculate the adjustment by evaluating bill histories of tenants who have occupied their unit for a full 12 months. This adjustment eliminates the problem of utilities which claim to have no rate change, but in fact have had significant fuel adjustments.


Clients complete a form for each project providing the names, addresses, utility providers and requested due date of the report.  An account is created for each client on our utility allowance website. Release packets, status reports and completed UA reports are to be downloaded from the client’s accounts.

Each release packet is property specific and contains the name, address and an internal tracking number for that property.

The cost of the report is split into a deposit and a balance which is billed upon completion of the report. Once deposits and required forms are received, our utility allowance department immediately begins work on your report!

The report due date determines the deadlines for the releases, deposit and project worksheets. The deadlines are below.

Clients will be notified by email when reports are complete and ready for download.



When a report is ordered, you are asked to assign a due date.  Based on the report due date, there is a corresponding deadline for the tenant releases, project worksheet, and deposit.  If no due date is given for a report, our system sets September 1, and the corresponding deadlines are:

Project worksheets dated March or April are due by April 15.

Completed Tenant release form are due by April 15.

Deposits are due within the terms stated on the invoice.

Please note that releases MUST be received in our office no later than the referenced date.


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