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Utility Analysis

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Utility Analysis Login

Get access or log in to our UA Portal and streamline your utility allowance calculation reports. Through this platform, you have access to tenant release packets, project status reports, and the ability to download completed UA reports effortlessly. The user-friendly interface allows for instant access to historical reports and facilitates scheduling of future calculations with a simple click.

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Real-World Data Utilization

Utilizing actual usage data for Utility Allowance calculations offers a distinct advantage as it reflects real-world consumption patterns. Unlike traditional methods, which may overlook various factors, our approach accounts for nuances such as weather variations and tenant behavior. By aggregating data across multiple years and applying appropriate seasonal rates, we ensure accuracy and fairness in our calculations, even for units with incomplete occupancy periods.

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Precise Results

To further enhance precision, we adjust utility rates to reflect taxes and fuel adjustments, based on comprehensive evaluations of tenant bill histories. This meticulous process eliminates discrepancies arising from fluctuating utility costs, ensuring that the calculated allowances align closely with actual expenses incurred by tenants.

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Personalized, Detailed Reports

Each release packet is tailored to the property, featuring essential details such as the property name, address, and a unique internal tracking number. The cost of the report is divided into a deposit and a balance, with the balance invoiced upon completion of the report. Upon receipt of deposits and necessary forms, our utility allowance department promptly initiates work on your report, ensuring timely delivery.

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Dedication to Deadlines

To ensure smooth workflow and adherence to deadlines, clients are notified via email upon the completion of reports, prompting them to download the finalized documents from their accounts. Additionally, clients are requested to specify a due date for each report, which establishes corresponding deadlines for tenant releases, project worksheets, and deposits. In the absence of a specified due date, default deadlines are set to ensure timely completion of tasks.

It is imperative to note that all releases must be submitted to our office by the stipulated deadline to facilitate timely processing and delivery of reports.

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