With almost 20 years of experience in the affordable housing industry we know what it takes to establish a loyal client base. Hear what our clients are saying about us!

Utility Allowance Department

"I would like to take a minute to tell you how invaluable Martha McBroom is.  She has been a tremendous help to us, not only this week but in particular this week, in dealing with Contract Administrators who have issues with utility allowance studies.Martha is very personable but also VERY professional and her services are greatly appreciated by staff and myself."

Gerry Walters, Director of Property Management
Professional Property Management

"We recently moved our Utility Allowance calculations to Zeffert & Associates after handling our own UAs since 1981. Collecting utility bills and dealing with the various utility companies scattered over all of our properties was always a huge chore for us year after year. We decided to give Zeffert & Associates a chance. After the first year we could see how Zeffert & Associates' methods at calculating utilities were superior to the ways we have been doing it internally. Their detail in the reports gives us confidence in their level of accuracy. And as a plus, their staff is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Zeffert & Associates for handling your Utility Allowance needs. Quite frankly, there is no way you could do it better, plus their price is very reasonable for the service."

Bill Crim, Owner
Crimson Management


"Our management firm has used the professional services of Zeffert & Associates for several years now to perform utility audits and to prepare corresponding utility allowances to be used on managed affordable housing communities throughout Georgia, Alabama, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With rare exception, the utility allowance reports have always been received timely, accurate and in such a professional format as to permit direct submittal to the USDA Rural Development, state housing finance agencies and other regulatory entities which monitor such allowances and their annual updates. Zeffert & Associates has made our lives so much easier now that we are no longer personally auditing individual unit utility consumptions and calculating usages. The utility allowances arrive timely and have made the budget process much more efficient when projecting and needed changes to the existing allowances and, correspondingly, new rental rates to be charged. We are happy to recommend Zeffert & Associates to your attention for your favorable consideration."

Pamela K. Burton, President
Southwind Management Services, Inc


"I manage four HUD and USDA subsidized rental complexes in Illinois totaling 112 units. These projects require the utility allowances be reviewed yearly for the budgets and other requirements of the entities that oversee the projects. Several years ago I ran across an ad in the Rural Rental Housing brochure for Illinois. it mentioned Zeffert & Associates and that one of their specialties was utility allowances. I called them and was pleased to hear we could well afford their services. Since then I tell anyone that asks, that what we spend on the services by Zeffert & Associates is our best bargain in apartment management. The service is easy to use, requires very little on the part of the manager, and we are never questioned by HUD or USDA about the status of our utility allowances at the project when they know they are calculated by Zeffert & Associates. In all, I can highly recommend this company to anyone and I hope reading this helps your decision. I believe you will save time and money by using Zeffert & Associates for your utility allowance requirements."

Janet R. Cromer, President
Cromer Enterprises, Inc.

Training Department


"Just a note to thank you for the recent training session you provided to the staff in our Springfield, MO portfolio. The training was well presented and relevant to our jobs as we come in contact with the public on a daily basis. The fact that you were able to involve both the maintenance and office staffs, soliciting active participation from both, made this a positive learning experience for all."

Sharyn E. Batch, Senior Area Manager
McCormack Baron Regan


“100% of respondents stated the course was excellent
100% of respondents stated the presenter knew the material very well
100% of respondents stated the material was presented in a clear & concise manner
100% of respondents would recommend the course to others
100% of respondents said adequate time was allowed for questions and that their questions were answered
Suggested topics for improvement
-more discussion of fixed versus floating HOME units
-discussion of public housing
Other comments
-The trainer was ‘energetic, humorous, personable, and definitely knowledgeable’
- ‘I was very inspired and appreciated the speaker noting how hard our work as managers is. I loved that he pointed out how many lives are touched and improved due to what we do and these programs’- ‘Very good as usual. [trainer] is great and presents material well and in an interesting way’
-‘New to tax credit and will walk away with much learned’
-‘Great course, I hope that we keep it and expand on it’
Bravo gentlemen.”
Matt Rayburn, Compliance and Asset Manager
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority


“I reviewed the Zeffert Fair Housing Module. I am impressed. It was very professionally done. They used two speakers throughout the presentation which kept it very more on a discussion level rather than a monologue. They were very well spoken with some levity and very good metaphors and acronyms. The outline is present during the entire training and even though it is pretty in-depth it is well research and presented.   You cannot skip forward but you can replay a previously viewed section. They had 2 different quiz[zes] part way through the training which allowed you to continue to select answers until you were correct. The level of difficulty was moderate but you needed to take notes throughout the module to be prepared properly for the final test at the end. The final test was very good.”

Sharon Masincup, TM Trainer
TM Associates


The Training Seminar I attended in Albuquerque New Mexico this past week was superior training. Your instructor was extremely knowledgeable, professional and did an excellent job of relating the material to a large class. I attend a lot of on going training, since I'm also a Real Estate Broker here in New Mexico as well as working with affordable housing at a tax credit complex as an on site manager. I know good training when I get to experience it!  Most instructors have no real interest or passion for the subjects they are teaching. Your trainer seems to be a true believer in the affordable housing industry, which I think brings out his passion for helping people with one of their most basic needs, housing.

My only regret I walked away from your training was the fact that I did take a lot of notes or shall I say, " I scribbled in the best Tax Credit book I have ever seen". I love and I mean LOVE my new book, your Managing LIHTC Compliance.  Had I realized what a wonderful book it was, I would not have marked it up with my highlighter and wrote so many notes throughout. Do you sell extra copies so that I could order a spare for my office?

Again, thank you so much for offering this excellent training to New Mexico.

Katherine Keeter Boyd, Site Manager
Villa Las Vegas Apartments with JL Gray Company


"Besides offering excellent verbal instruction, Zeffert & Associates provided trainees with a workbook full of extraordinarily helpful industry examples and HUD references. I utilize this important resource when LIHTC questions arise in our office. With the training that i received from Zeffert & Associates I am auditing our files during the recertification process. The instruction of [trainer] has given me the confidence to uphold LIHTC standards to ensure our investors retain their tax credits, while providing affordable housing to our community."

Naomi McDonald
Hidden Terrace Townhomes


"I would like to express what a pleasure it has been to attend your LIHTC trainings in the past. My staff and I have learned and benefited by your professional, yet comfortable, training style. While I have attend[ed] other trainings, the more intimate classroom format of your seminars and trainings have afforded attendees the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on issues they may not have otherwise "risked" asking in a different or larger venue. I would also like to say that working with Zeffert & Associates as an independent contractor for an acquisition/rehab has been a great experience as well. Your staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and wonderful to work with. I was impressed by their ability to work under difficult conditions and timelines. They made it easy as possible for the residents during a long and sometimes arduous process."

Renza Hoban
Renza Hoban & Associates, LLC

Compliance Department

“I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you and to let you know what a great job that Mandy has been doing for us. She is so professional and hard working. She is a pleasure to work with, always has a smile on her face, and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I also had the pleasure of meeting Linda. She did a wonderful job and was a joy to work with. In fact everyone that I have met or talked with on your staff is awesome! That includes you [Morgan]! Thank you for everything!!”

Katie Roberts, Director of Compliance
Gundaker Commercial Group

"Eagle Point Enterprises (EPE) is a national real estate development company focused exclusively on acquiring, renovating and preserving affordable, multi-family housing properties through major capital renovation and operational restructuring programs. Our first experience with Zeffert & Associates was at a tax credit acquisition/rehab in St. Louis, MO, involving several hundred units. The assistance of their staff was invaluable in getting the certification process of in-place households completed on very aggressive dea dlines. They also came out to assist at another major acquisition/rehab in Rochester, NY. The staff is top-notch in their affordable housing knowledge, and their willingness to work with the site staff to increase their knowledge is truly remarkable. When they leave a project, not only is the work done right and in a timely manner, but the site staff is much better equipped to do their jobs. We continue to look for opportunities to work with Zeffert & Associates"

Laura Burns, President
Eagle Point Enterprises


"I just wanted to give a quick thank you for your help with our [property] files. As a Project Manager at Capstone Development Group, I directly represent the developer and owners of 700+ Affordable Housing units in Missouri and Illinois. All of these units operate under the Tax Credit, Section 42 guidelines. As you know, it is imperative that our first year files are error free. The recent file audit you preformed on a rehab project in Kansas City, Missouri, helped us achieve that goal. You[r] staff was very thorough and very detailed in their review process. They also provided a spreadsheet that outlines a few of the minor changes that would help to make them shine. This was a great resource to have! Should I have a question regarding compliance, it is very nice to be reach a real person versus voice mail. You have always been very helpful regarding any clarification that I may need and for that, I want to thank you. I would feel completely confident in recommending your company to anyone. I look forward to a growing relationship between Capstone Development Group and Zeffert & Associates in the future."

Lisa Kortkamp, Project Manager
Capstone Development Group, LLC

Inspections Department

"I just wanted to let you and your staff know how pleased we at GEM Management, Inc. are with the level of service Zeffert & Associates has provided us. We recently were under a strict time constraint to have Capital Needs Assessments completed on two of our properties. Without the great customer service and quick turn-around time provided by you we would not have been able to meet our deadline. I would also like to th[a]nk you and your staff with the great job in getting the C.N.A. presented to Rural Development in the format R.D required. We look forward to doing business with Zeffert & Associates in the future."

Alex Lawrence, Special Projects Manager
GEM Management, Inc.

“I have always said Zeffert has the greatest services for management – the main thing is they are reliable, organized, and affordable… and they know what is required. Like these transition plans. That requires expertise most managers do not have and time. Why reinvent the wheel when we have Zeffert? They took pictures showing what needed to be changed, e-mailed a timely response, and sent a CD as well. Zeffert did a wonderful job, on time and not expensive. I would recommend them.”

Jan Cromer, Mgr.Owner
Cromer Enterprises


"As a fully integrated company involved in Multifamily Development, General Contracting and Property Management; we have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Bob Zeffert/Zeffert & Associates on sundry aspects of our business. Zeffert & Associates has provided Utility Allowance Studies, Property Condition Assessments (PCA) as required by the Teas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Capital Needs Assessments (CNA) for Rural Development as well as Handicap Accessibility Transition Plans for our sundry properties. Our managers have likewise, attended Zeffert & Associates seminars on Fair Housing and benefited from those as well. We found Zeffert & Associates to be very responsive in meeting the time constraints we labor under. Quality of work in the Zeffert reports have been, in our opinion, excellent."

Joe Chamy
Chamy Investments

Training Sessions

Training Sessions


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