Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us...

“100% of respondents stated the course was excellent

100% of respondents stated the presenter knew the material very well

100% of respondents stated the material was presented in a clear & concise manner

100% of respondents would recommend the course to others

100% of respondents said adequate time was allowed for questions and that their questions were answered

Suggested topics for improvement

-more discussion of fixed versus floating HOME units

-discussion of public housing

Other comments

-The trainer was ‘energetic, humorous, personable, and definitely knowledgeable’

- ‘I was very inspired and appreciated the speaker noting how hard our work as managers is. I loved that he pointed out how many lives are touched and improved due to what we do and these programs’- ‘Very good as usual. [trainer] is great and presents material well and in an interesting way’

-‘New to tax credit and will walk away with much learned’

-‘Great course, I hope that we keep it and expand on it’

Bravo gentlemen.”

Matt Rayburn, Compliance and Asset Manager
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority